Ball State was recently named the #1 unwired campus in the nation in a survey by Intel Corporation published by U.S. News & World Report. Our students have access to the fastest wireless network available and are using technology in innovative ways.

Teachers College is committed to being a leader in technology for schools. Our wireless network and the laptop requirement for all incoming teaching majors give you the freedom to experiment with computing and to explore how it affects teaching without the confines of a stationary lab.

Adaptive Lab
In addition to the impressive technology resources on campus, students in the special education program also learn about adaptive computer equipment in the TEACH Lab, in the Teachers College building. The lab helps students learn about computer adaptations for learners with special needs.

The TEACH lab is equipped with 15 Macintosh computers with adjustable tables and contains various computer adaptations--both software and hardware. Other equipment available includes alternative mouse devices, alternative keyboards, and programmable keyboards.