The MA requires completion of at least 30 hours of graduate course work. A minimum of 15 hours must be completed in the major area of study, supplemented by a research course and 9 hours of designated courses in a second area of special education.

Typically, students will follow a plan of study prescribed by special education licensure standards. Talk with your advisor about your plan of study.

Some courses that you may take include:

SPCED 566 - Introduction to Students with Orthopedic, Sensory and Multiple Disabilities
SPCED 579 - Educational Methods for Students w/Orthopedic-Sensory-Multiple Disabilities
SPCED 600 - Education of Exceptional Children
SPCED 609 - Introduction to Applied Behavior Analysis
SPCED 610 - Behavioral Consultation
SPCED 632 - Introduction to Emotional and Behavioral Disorders
SPCED 634 - Educating Students with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders