The Committee shall

  • Establish and implement collegiate promotion and tenure policies and procedures that must not conflict with University policies.
  • Implement University promotion and tenure policies and procedures.
  • Make recommendations for policy changes to the University Committee.
  • Review departmental compliance with policy implementation.
  • Review and evaluate the credentials of all collegiate candidates for promotion. It shall forward the credentials of those candidates being recommended favorably for promotion, with recommendations, to the dean.
  • Review and evaluate the credentials of all collegiate tenure-track persons and forward these credentials, with recommendations, to the dean, if it chooses to do so.
  • Hear appeals from individuals who feel aggrieved by the action of the Department Committee, and/or department chairperson.
  • Maintain a file of the minutes of all committee actions in the dean's office.

No one may serve to hear an appeal who has a demonstrated conflict of interest such as previous involvement with the case, assignment to the same academic department or administrative area as any of the principals in the case, business involvement, or relationship to any of the principals. Decisions regarding such conflicts shall be made by the committee chairperson.