For most of its history Ball State University has been recognized for its commitment to preparing outstanding teachers. That commitment remains strong today.

Our goal is to prepare future teachers who are uniquely and better prepared than others. A mark of distinction is that the entire teacher education program is built on a conceptual framework that emphasizes your building expertise and knowing how to engage learners in a variety of contexts. The laptop requirement, coupled with developing a digital portfolio, will provide you with a background in technology rarely matched in teacher education programs across the country. The service-learning or civic engagement requirement, which enables you to give back to communities through activities ranging from tutoring to writing curriculum units for use in a museum, adds another dimension to your preparation as a Ball State teacher education graduate that will help set you aside from others. Perhaps most important, you will be taught by faculty, most of whom have been licensed and have taught in schools, who value teacher education and are committed to preparing the nation's best teachers.

In this Handbook you will learn more about the unique and challenging characteristics of becoming a teacher at Ball State University. As the dean of Teachers College, I am particularly pleased to welcome you to teacher education!

John E. Jacobson