The Department of Technology strives to become more sustainable by infusing sustainability information, principles, and issues into its culture. The department seeks to develop and practice environmentally-responsible, socially-just, and economically-efficient decision-making within all components of its operations, administration, curriculum, teaching and learning, research, and community service endeavors. In so doing, the Department of Technology affirms BSU's vision and commitment to sustainability.

The Department of Technology also maintains a Sustainability Committee comprised of faculty, students, and staff. The committee promotes the infusion of sustainability principles into all endeavors of the Department of Technology. The committee makes recommendations to engage in proactive measures that enhance sustainability with the Department of Technology and provides reactive recommendations to mitigate the impact of previous practices that are not sustainable. To this end, the Sustainability Committee:

  • Increases awareness and promotes education about sustainability issues within the Department and the broader community.
  • Promotes a strong, positive environmental ethic which motivates sustainable practices and activities including:
    • Energy and material conservation practices
    • Eliminating or minimizing the purchase and consumption of toxic materials, and assuring the proper disposal of toxic waste
    • Eliminating or minimizing the emission of pollutants
    • Encourages the integration of sustainability principles and content into curricular programs of the Department.
    • Motivates and celebrates scholarly work, immersive learning experiences, and community service which encourages education about and adoption of sustainable practices in the broader community.