Can I register for a class before I'm admitted?

No, you must be officially admitted to the Graduate School before you can register for a class. To learn more about application procedures, visit the Graduate School Web site.

Can on-campus students take these courses?

Yes. All the classes in these programs are currently open to on-campus students as well as off-campus students. Please note that on-campus students who enroll in courses through the School of Extended Education will still be required to pay the dedicated fees because these fund a student's use of the library, weight rooms, pool, computer labs, and other on-campus amenities.

Do I need a bachelor's degree to be admitted?

Yes, a bachelor's degree from an accredited institution is a requirement for admission as a graduate student.

Does my bachelor's have to be in this field for me to be admitted?

No, your bachelor's degree can be in any field.

How do I apply for admissions?

United States citizens can apply for admission by completing the Graduate School application.

Citizens of other countries who wish to enroll in a degree program or take an online course without leaving their home country can apply for international admissions through the Center for International Programs.

How do I find out if Ball State will accept my previous graduate courses as transfer credits?

To be considered for transfer credit, the credits must be from graduate level courses in which you earned a grade of B or better (not a B-) from an accredited institution. There is a six-year timeframe for completing all coursework applied to a master's degree, including transfer credits. Therefore, any courses taken prior to six years before the date of graduation from our master's program would not be eligible, or would become "stale."

The decision regarding how transferred credits might be used to satisfy particular program requirements is made by the graduate admissions coordinator and department chair.

How long does it take to hear if I've been accepted into the program?

Admission decisions are made only after your application package, which must include copies of all your undergraduate transcripts, is complete. If an undergraduate institution delays sending a transcript, your admission decision may be delayed. The most common reason for delays is an applicant requesting some, but not all of their undergraduate institutions send transcripts.

After the Graduate School receives all of your materials, you should receive an admission decision in about four weeks.

Is there a requirement for my undergraduate GPA to get in to the master's programs?

Yes. Master's degree students must meet admissions standards set by the Graduate School. Non-degree (non-licensure) students must also meet certain requirements.

Is there assistance for international students?

Yes. Visit Ball State's Center for International Programs Web site.

What are the admission requirements if I'm just interested in taking course work and not completing a master's degree?

If you are not interested in taking course work for your own personal or professional enrichment, you should apply to the Graduate School as a non-degree (non-licensure) student.

You must have earned a bachelor's degree from an accredited university with a GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale or a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale in the latter half of the baccalaureate to be enrolled.

Where do I send my transcripts when I apply for admissions?

When you apply for admissions, send one set of official transcripts for all college work completed to:

Graduate School
Ball State University
2000 W. University
Muncie, IN  USA  47306

Please ignore instructions to submit a separate transcript to the Department of Industry and Technology. Unlike most departments at Ball State, we do not require it.