Looking for a major that involves one, several, or all of these?



    Interactive Media


Multimedia Reporter



Interactive Arts and Media




    Digital Audio

Cinema Studies

Story Design

    Digital Video

Media Arts

Story Development



Story Writing

    Interactive Storytelling

Cross-Platform Content Creation       

Digital Production


Then telecommunications (TCOM) is the major for you. Learn how to use video, audio, film, and emerging digital and Web-based media to develop, design, write, and create stories for a variety of purposes. As a TCOM major, you will learn how to communicate using several media—preparation for entering the broadcast, corporate media, motion picture, multimedia, emerging electronic media industries, and other fields.

Ours is a highly competitive, yet supportive environment. You’re entering a demanding field that requires late nights as well as weekends. Your education and work will be challenging and exciting, and we will be there to share our experiences and teach, work, explore, and create with you.

Our TCOM major is selective. You must apply and meet certain criteria before you can become a TCOM major. That’s not to say you can’t get to know us and this field right away. The only limit to your involvement in activities and storytelling is your motivation. Learn more . . .