Immersive Learning Opportunities

Immersive learning defines TCOM. You cannot find these kind of opportunities at any other university.  Go ahead--Google search it.  We can wait.  (LONG PAUSE.)  See?  The bullet points, listed below, are just some of the projects we work on every year. You can be part of it. You get to work on very interesting ideas with others like you.  Many of these endeavors are with real clients out there in the real world. They come to TCOM because of our national reputation. The endgame is that a client walks away with a product that can be used, TCOM walks away with a satisfied client, and you walk away with a demo reel that cannot be touched. Not bad, eh?
  • AT&T
  • Blackford County, Indiana, Economic and Development Corporation
  • Garrity Tool Inc.
  • Hamilton County, Indiana, Department of Tourism
  • Henry County, Indiana, Heritage Cooperative
  • Indiana 500
  • Indiana Civil Rights Commission
  • Indiana Department of Homeland Security
  • Indiana Department of Tourism
  • Jarden Brands Inc.
  • Movers and Stakers: Stories Along the Indiana National Road
  • Muncie, Indiana, Convention and Visitors Bureau