A college degree alone may not get you a job. When you apply for a job, odds are employers won’t ask you what courses you took in college—everyone takes courses—they may not even ask about your grade point average (GPA). They will ask you what you’ve done besides course work. That’s when you launch into discussion about your extracurricular activities, your leadership experience, and your internship. Now they’re interested!

Completing an internship . . .

  • shows how you use your creativity, responsibility, and professionalism in a real-world setting
  • can give you a leg up on the competition
  • can show that you’ve learned something about the industry you’re intending to enter
  • is a great way to prove you are ready for a job
  • allows you to apply your college knowledge toward problem solving
  • gives you confidence that your Ball State education is top-notch and that you have skills your competitors do not
  • fortifies you with experience in collaboration and working with limited resources on deadline assignments

Plan now to do an internship.