The Writing Proficiency Course will ask you to prepare a portfolio of essays which must receive a passing score from two of the Program’s exam readers in order for you to receive credit for the course.

This portfolio is made up of 3 essays and some Prewriting materials. Throughout the course you will—with constant input from your instructor—work through a series of pre-works and drafts for each essay. These 3 essays mirror the critical reading and writing process you need to do in order to be successful in the Writing Proficiency Exam.

Below is a brief description of each essay required for the WPP393 portfolio:

  • Assignment #1 asks you to write a rhetorical analysis of one of the academic articles assigned for the session.
  • Assignment #2 allows you to explore the social, political, economic, cultural or ethical concerns raised by the academic article.
  • Assignment #3 simulates the timed-writing component of the Writing Proficiency Exam and asks you to synthesize information about the topic and express your judgment about that topic.

Your portfolio is assessed using a process similar to that of WPP392 (Writing Proficiency Exam).

At the end of the 6th or 7th week--depending on the timetable of the semester--the portfolios are read by a committee of Writing Proficiency Program readers. If any essays in a portfolio do not pass the reading, writers are given another week to revise those essays before the portfolio is reread. This second reading decides the grade of all writers.

You may repeat WPP393 as many times as you need in order to fulfill the Writing Proficiency requirement.