In the summer of 1971, the Department of History sponsored Adam’s Angry Rib: Women on the Move, a series of films and presentations.

It attracted great attention from students, faculty, and the community. Its popularity led to the first interdisciplinary women’s studies course in the spring of 1972. This class was comprised of 60 students and three instructors.

The momentum has continued ever since:

  • In 1974, an informal committee was formed.
  • In 1975, Richard Burkardt, then dean of faculties, gave the committee official status to begin formulating a curriculum for a women’s studies minor. 
  • By 1977, 12 interdisciplinary courses were approved.
  • Our minor was established in 1980. 
  • The 1980s and 1990s were a time of continuing growth. 
  • Our major was developed in 2005 under the direction of Kim Jones-Owens.