This program is designed to prepare social studies teachers to work with students in middle school/junior high and high school settings. In addition to completing university core curriculum requirements and the professional education sequence, all students seeking to become candidates for licensure in social studies will, via course completion and performance assessment, demonstrate mastery of the subject matter in the individual disciplines: economics, geography, political science (government), psychology, sociology, and history (United States and world history). See department statements for course requirements. They will demonstrate that mastery as a result of intensive preparation in two or more disciplines, one of which must be history. Students will complete 27 hours in history to facilitate preparation in both United States and world history, complemented by preparation in one other discipline (15 hours), and four other courses (12 hours), one from each of the four other disciplines, totaling 54 hours. Students are encouraged to pursue additional licensure in one or more of the other four disciplines. The introductory course for this program is SS 150 or its equivalent. This program is located in the Department of History. For more information, contact Sarah Drake Brown, BB 219A, 765-285-8621, or go to the Department of History website. You may also consult the Social Studies Teaching Major Decision Points Web page.