The hearing impaired/deaf program is designed to train you to work with students with various levels of hearing impairments. You will take courses on deafness, deaf culture, American Sign Language, and various methods and techniques used to teach children who are deaf/hard of hearing. You will also complete course work in mild interventions at the elementary level.

In additional to your methods and teaching courses, you will have many opportunities for intensiveĀ field experiences at local schools, day care centers, and community agencies. The program culminates in a multiple placementĀ student teaching experience.

The major requires 132 credit hours for graduation and leads to a license in mild interventions at the early childhood and middle school developmental levels.

Indiana School for the Deaf Residential Program

Students majoring in hearing impaired/deaf education have the option of completing anĀ academic year residential practicum at the Indiana School for the Deaf in Indianapolis. Ball State is the only university in Indiana to offer this field experience.