Royalty Free Music: The University Copyright Center has made arrangements with Award Winning Music of Medford, Oregon, to provide the Ball State University community access to free music and sound effects for educational purposes.  These educational purposes can include, but are not limited to, music used for PowerPoint presentations, distance education courses, creative projects, multimedia projects, electronic portfolios, and in support of any other curriculum-based instructional activities.

On the Royalty Free Music homeage, scroll down, and login on the far right of the screen:

    Username: ballstate

    Password: allfree

Royalty Free Music

Please right-click on each MP3 file and use Save As:

01 Mozart Sym 40
02 Country Breakdown
03 Love and Other Illusions
04 Network News Suite
05 St. Louis Woos
06 Foreign Shores
07 Hey Dawg
08 Glistening Ocean
09 Brooklyn Chatter
10 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
11 Keys to the Beemer