Libraries use the Z39.50 protocol to exchange data with each other, regardless of the library management system used. Z39.50 is also used by personal bibliographic software packages such as EndNote to connect to library databases. Information needed to set up a Z39.50 connection to the Ball State University Libraries is detailed here.

Server/Database Information

  • Database Name: Unicorn
  • Database Description: The Ball State University Catalog
  • Domain Name:
  • Port Number: 2200
  • Server Software Vendor: Sirsi Corporation Vendor standard Z39.50 configuration
  • Authentication Needed: No

Initialization Services

  • Z39.50 Protocol version: 3
  • Preferred Message Size: 16,000 bytes
  • Maximum Record Size: 16,000 bytes
  • Initialization Timeout: 30 seconds

Server Options Supported

  • Result Set Naming: Yes
  • Sorting: Yes
  • Scanning or browsing: Yes
  • Cross References: Yes Intermediate Results: No

Attribute Set
The attribute set is the Bib-1 Attribute Set Profile.

Attribute Types
The attribute types are Type-1 and Type-101.

Element Set Names
The element set names are Full and Brief.

Record Syntax
The record syntax is MARC21.

Contact Information
Library organizations with questions about connecting to our Z39.50 server may contact Library Information Technology Services at