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The Digital World
Digital Storytelling
Senior Capstone


9 hours from




Web Design and Usability (3)
Introduction to Social Media (3)
Digital Interactivity Design (3) 
Digital Image Design (3) 
Digital Video Design (3) 
Digital Sound Design (3)


18 hrs
C or better grades required in each course. This program is offered on-line only.


210 Professional Development (1) 
Provides opportunities and skills needed to secure internships and jobs in communication- and media-related professions. 
    Not open to students who have credit in JOUR 169. 
    Open only to College of Communication, Information, and Media majors. 

280 Social Media (3) 
Combines the examination of social technologies through historical frameworks with the application of modern, emerging information dissemination strategies. Students will learn how to evaluate, deploy, and apply these technologies. 
    Open only to College of Communication, Information, and Media majors. 


101 The Digital World (3)
Introduction to types of human interaction made possible by digital media. Exploration of individualization, innovation, imagination, interactivity, minimization, and internationalization of digital communication. Positive and negative impacts and ramifications of a digital world.         
    Open to all students.  

201 Web Design and Usability (3)
Conceptual introduction to design and critique of digital messages in terms of source objectives, audiences, and society effects. Specific emphasis on theories and evaluations of usability testing of Web sites.         
    Open to all students.  

210 Introduction to Social Media (3)
An examination of social media technologies and applications of emerging technologies on various careers aimed at students of all skill levels. Students will build their own Web sites using existing tools, engage in social and mobile networks, and deploy a variety of social media applications using pre-existing software tools.        
    Prerequisite: ICOM 101 with a grade of C (2.0) or better, or permission of the program director.    
    Open to all students.  

211 Digital Interactivity Design (3)
Digital media design as the design of artifacts to support interactive experience. Explores relationships among interactivity, interface design, and communication. Individual and collaborative projects geared to heighten understanding of designing for interactivity.         
    Open to all students.  

212 Digital Image Design (3)
Emphasizes aesthetic understanding and practical facility with digital content as effective visual communication. Emphasis on development of digital imaging competencies, techniques, and aesthetics.         
    Open to all students.  

213 Digital Video Design (3)
Basic knowledge and laboratory work in development of digital video and audio. Introduction to creating digital video productions with digital cameras and computer hardware and software. Aesthetics and techniques of digital video and audio recording and non-linear editing.         
    Open to all students.  

214 Digital Sound Design (3)
Explores creative use and manipulation of digital audio to produce compositions and sound designs suitable for different types of digital media projects. Focuses on technical skills, creativity, and an understanding of digital audio in context.         
    Open to all students.  

299X Experimental/Development Topics (3)
Topics relevant to the discipline. Course titles to be announced before each semester.         
    Open to all students.  

375 Digital Storytelling (3)
Covers fundamentals of writing, formatting, digitizing, adapting, repurposing, and distributing digital media stories for application in information, communication, and entertainment industries.         
    Prerequisite: either ICOM 101 or two 200-level courses with a grade of C (2.0) or better; prerequisite courses can be taken concurrently.         
    Open to all students.  

390 Independent Studies in Digital Media (3)
Academic or creative digital media project directed by a Ball State faculty member. Written proposal must be approved by the digital media minor program director prior to term of study.         
    Prerequisite: permission of the program director.         
    Open to all students.  

495 Senior Capstone (3)
Synthesis and culmination of undergraduate digital media design and production experiences in a group or individual capstone digital media design project.        
    Prerequisite: ICOM 375 with a grade of C (2.0) or better for digital media minor students; permission of the program director for students enrolled in the digital media certificate.        
    Open to all students.  

499 Colloquium (1 or 2)
Attendance at colloquia, workshops, and Center for Media Design events as specified in the digital media student handbook is the basis for earning colloquium credit. Offered credit/no credit only.
     A total of 2 hours of credit may be earned.
    Open only to digital media minor and emerging media journalism certificate students.

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