The Counseling Center is a short-term, focused treatment agency. If it appears at the time of "intake," or at any later time, that you need and/or want long-term therapy, your counselor will help you in locating professional help off-campus.

We also offer a wide variety of small thematic and therapy groups, as well as workshops. If it's determined that one of these services will best meet your needs, it will be recommended.

The maximum number of individual sessions that a client may have in a calendar year is 12, although most problems can be resolved in fewer than that. The center's average number of sessions per client is approximately four. The number and frequency of your sessions will be determined by your counselor.

In a small number of cases, a client may be seen for more than 12 sessions within a training and research framework. Such clients are required to undergo additional assessment and do extra paperwork. These few individuals are given an opportunity to participate on a first-come/first-served basis.