Academic Issues

I am interested in going to graduate school

I've been in Muncie for almost two and a half months in a graduate program

I am always questioning my ability of how I will succeed in my major now and when I graduate

Over Christmas break I found out I was pregnant

The semester is winding down, and I am not feeling confident at all

Last semester I was put on academic probation

My grades this semester were not good at all 

I am having a terrible time getting into school-mode this semester

If you're emotionally unstable and unable to focus on school is there any way to receive excused absences

Hi so I transferred here from another school last year, having the intentions of getting a better education

My life is about to changed dramatically

Why should I trust myself and have confidence in my decisions

I heard somewhere that there is going to be a financial penalty for those who go over 144 credit hours  

Hi there, I am a freshman 

I am nearing the end of my education here at Ball State and I am interested in a specific course 

As an incoming freshman I was wondering if it would really be necessary for me to apply for the nursing school my first year? 

I think one of my final grade is wrong 

I am a freshman here and I have spent almost my entire life knowing what I want to do as a career 

I may be transferring next year 

A dear family member of mine has gotten very sick over the last year 

I currently have holds on my account which is all on my bursar  

I have two classes that are 10 minutes apart 

I am extremely overwhelmed with school right now

My grades have gotten worse as the semesters go by