What if I lose my meal card?

Report your lost or stolen Ball State ID/meal card at any dining location. Once we know your card is missing, our card access system will be set to reject the card so someone else cannot use it.

You can still eat if you show proof of your identity (i.e., driver’s license). Check with the dining unit’s management staff before you get in line, and follow the administrative procedures at the individual location. You won’t be able to use your Dining Plus or Cardinal Cash since those are also on your card, but you will not have to miss any meals in your plan.

If you find your missing card, it can be reinstated at Ball State Dining’s administrative offices in Carmichael Hall, room 140. You will be charged a $3 fee through the bursar’s office. If you can’t find the card, you’ll want to replace it as soon as possible at the bursar’s office. A $10 fee is charged for replacement cards.