Ball State has a variety of meal plans to meet almost any student's eating habits.

For example, if you’re an athlete or someone who likes to eat three full meals a day, then the 21 Plus Meal Plan may be a good choice. If you regularly skip one meal a day, then the Any 18 Plus or Any 14 Plus meal plans may be better options. Gone a lot on weekends? Maybe the Any 10 Plus plan is for you. All our plans come with Dining Plus, which covers costs beyond the allowance for a meal or pays for an occasional extra meal or snack. You're not stuck with the meal plan you choose forever; if you realize another plan might be better, you may change your plan for the following semester prior to the deadline to do so.

If you do not specify a meal plan on your contract, you will be assigned the 21 Plus plan.
We also offer affordable plans to students who live off-campus but like the convenience of eating on campus.

If you would like more information about choosing a plan, please contact us.