Greek Academy

During each semester, chapter and council officers attend Greek Academy and participate in sessions on a variety of topics relevant to their leadership positions in their chapters and the community. During the past, they have participated in workshop sessions about Conflict Resolution, Event Planning, Crisis Management, Professionalism, Emerging Leaders, Finance, Ritual, Retaining Members, Alumni Relations, Community Service, Multicultural Awareness, Communicating your Brand, Motivating Members, Accountability, and Recognizing Signs of Struggle in Members.

New members also participate in a Greek Academy session, introducing them to the Greek community. All students attend sessions on a variety of topics, including mission,vision and values of the community and risk management and community standards. Groups of new members meet in groups facilitated by Greek Peer Facilitators. Greek Peer Facilitators are selected by the council Vice Presidents of Membership Development to lead new members of the community through Greek Academy. They facilitate discussions and relevant activities to help new members get the most out of the academy experience. Greek Peer Facilitators are leaders and role models in the Greek community and serve as mentors to the incoming new members.