How do I determine which organization is best for me?

Each organization is founded on different beliefs and values. Whether to join a large or small organization, a culturally based group or a general fraternity or sorority, a newly formed organization or one that has been around for fifty is simply a matter of personal preference. Each organization has its own advantages. Selecting a fraternity or sorority is like choosing friends – pick the group with which you feel most comfortable.

All fraternities and sororities share the values of scholarship, leadership, service, and brotherhood or sisterhood. As you attend various recruitment events, it is important that you ask the questions about things that are important to you: costs, activities, scholarship, philanthropy, etc. Perhaps most important, make the decision on your own. Even though your roommate, best friend, or the group of people you attend recruitment events with has decided on a particular fraternity or sorority, you do not have to. Your friends should always be your friends, the choice of fraternity or sorority is completely yours.