What will my son or daughter get out of fraternity or sorority membership that he or she would not get out of any other college organization?

The fraternity or sorority experience is multifaceted and offers numerous opportunities to your son or daughter.

Developing lifelong friendships with the members in an organization and other chapters helps make the campus seems smaller. For many members, these organizations become a home away from home. In addition to the brotherhood or sisterhood, every chapter is dedicated to enhancing leadership skills, academic success, giving back to local and national charities, developing financial responsibility and providing networking opportunities with Greek alumni around the country.  When your student joins a Greek organization, he or she becomes a lifelong member and reaps the benefits of these opportunities well beyond his or her college years.

Also, if your son or daughter joins a chapter soon after starting college, the transition process can be made easier by having an instant connection to upperclassmen and various resources within the organization.  

It will be up to your son or daughter to determine the level of involvement they want to have within the organization and what kind of experience it will be for him or her.