What is recruitment or rush or intake?

Fraternities and sororities at Ball State accept new members through a process called recruitment or intake. Rush is a slang term for recruitment and is really not used at Ball State.

There are two forms of recruitment: formal and informal. Formal recruitment is held near the beginning of the fall semester each year for Interfraternity Council (IFC) and Panhellenic Council groups and in the spring for IFC fraternities. The formal process lasts approximately a week and requires your son or daughter to attend recruitment events to get to know the fraternities or sororities. The Panhellenic sororities have a formal process only in the fall.  During the spring, the sororities have informal recruitment (called COB or COR for short).  This process is shorter and tends to be less of a time commitment but not all of the sororities participate in informal recruitment.  At the end of recruitment, bids, or invitations to membership, are distributed and the new member orientation process begins.  After completing the orientation, new members are initiated into the organization.

Participation in the membership intake process is required in order to join an African-American or Latino/Latina fraternity or sorority. Intake occurs at various times throughout the year at the discretion of each organization. During intake, individuals participate in the new member orientation process and at its conclusion are initiated. It is heavily encouraged that students do extensive research into the African-American or Latino/Latina fraternity or sorority by visiting their Web sites and reading historical documents about each group, prior to contacting the organization.