Below are our current rates for 2017-2018 for Ball State students. We also offer specials.

See our eligibility guidelines for student housing.

Apartment Type
Monthly Rent
(Academic Year)
Monthly Rent
(One Semester Only)
Anthony 1-bedroom
Anthony 2-bedroom
($358 per single roommate)
($408 per single roommate**)
Scheidler 1-bedroom
Scheidler 2-bedroom
($355 per single roommate)
($405 per single roommate**)
Scheidler 2-bedroom, furnished
($412.50 per single roommate)
($462.50 per single roommate**)
Scheidler 3-bedroom

* Includes washer/dryer in apartment.
**There is an additional monthly charge for students signing a semester only lease. For students sharing one apartment, the extra fee will be charged to all students who sign a lease.

Security Deposit
$300 per contract (including each person in roommate pairs), due when signing lease.

Utilities Included
Heat, electricity, water, sewage, trash removal, Internet, and cable TV.

Additional Services (prices subject to change)
Phone: Landline contact Ball State Telephone Services.

There is a $2/per semester activity fee (including summer semester).

Renters must show proof of renter's insurance within 30 days after moving in.

Any increase in rent for the next year is approved in advance by the Board of Trustees and will be in effect August 1.