Drugs - Student Code 5.3.5

Using, abusing, possessing, selling, distributing, manufacturing, or transferring narcotics, illegal drugs, or any controlled substance, (including marijuana, inhalants, and abuse of over-the-counter drugs and prescription drugs), except as expressly permitted by law is a violation of the drug policy. Possession of drug paraphernalia which can be demonstrated to be linked to illegal drug activity is also a violation of this policy. Students and their guests are not permitted to possess paraphernalia such as bongs, rolling papers, deseeding trays, roach clips, scales, or any item used to inhale/ingest illegal substances or any item used to disguise the use of drugs. Also not permitted is misusing legal substances to obtain an unnatural reaction such as aerosol cans or salvia.

Federal and state laws forbid the sale and use of drugs that are not prescribed by a physician for personal use or are not available on the legal open market. Any person known to be possessing, using, or distributing such drugs is subject to university disciplinary action and possible arrest, imprisonment, or fine according to the state drug law.

Violation of the drug policy will probably result in the termination of the housing contract and further disciplinary action with the Office of Student Rights and Community Standards.