Many international students choose to live in the residence halls (dormitories) because of the conveniences offered or live in the halls to meet the residency requirement. (Note: You must be an admitted student at Ball State and not married to live in the residence halls.) If you are not sure if you have been admitted to the university, contact the Rinker Center for International Programs.

International students who apply for the residence halls (dormitories) will automatically be eligible for double rooms. Housing for international students is located in Studebaker East and it is open during university break periods (Thanksgiving break, semester break, and spring break). Overnight guests are not permitted during break periods. There is no meal service during break periods. Cooking in your room, except when using a microwave oven, is not permitted.

There may be opportunities for international students to upgrade their room at a higher price to a double as a single room, based on availability. (If you are interested in an upgraded room, contact our office.)

The academic year contract for the residence halls (dormitories) is effective August 18, 2016, through May 6, 2017.  We also offer a spring semester contract that is effective January 8, 2016, through May 6, 2017. The contract is a legal agreement, and if you break or cancel the contract, there is a penalty.

After you arrive on campus (and you have a signed contract on file), you will be issued a room and key. Guests and family members must make other sleeping arrangements, and several hotels are located near campus. For fall semester the earliest days international students may move in to your hall (dormitory) is August 13 or 14, from 8 a.m. - midnight. For spring semester, the earliest days international students may move in to your hall (dormitory) is January 3-7 from noon to 3 p.m. (Eastern Standard Time). You must have a signed contract on file with our office before you can move in. Because your housing/dining contract does not begin before August 18-fall semester or January 8-spring semester, if you move in before that day, there will be an extra daily charge added to your contract.

When you live in the halls (dormitories), your contract is for both your room and your meals. First-time international students will begin their housing/dining contract with the 21 meal plan. The cost to live in the residence halls in a double room for the academic year is $10,610 plus nightly charges for early move in/late move out and break periods. In addition, you will pay a $125 housing deposit and a $60 per semester technology fee.

The residence halls (dormitories) are for single students only. International students may request a roommate using our online application or be assigned to a roommate when they arrive. If you have a roommate request, please include this information on the online application.

(Note: Bed linens are not included in room and board. Please plan to bring these items to the hall when you move in.)

Let us know your intention to live in the residence halls (dormitories). As long as you meet the eligibility requirements, completing the online application will allow our office to save a space in the halls for you. 

Apply today for a residence hall room.