Returning Students

We're glad you chose to live in the residence halls at Ball State! 

If you currently live on campus and plan to live in the halls next year, here are the steps to the online room sign-up process for 2014. Be sure to see our tips information and FAQs for returners also. Go online to www.bsu.edu/housing/apply and complete the following steps:

STEP 1 - Select a Contract and Meal Plan - January 14-17

Select a Contract Type: Choose the Premium Plan two-year contract or the Standard Plan one-year contract. New this year - Premium Plan students MUST take an action by choosing a meal plan, renewing your bed, etc., in order to have a space for next year. (If you are completing the first year of a Premium Plan contract, you may skip the "select a contract" step and jump to "Select a Meal Plan".)

Select a Meal Plan: Choose from the following value meal plans: 21-Plus, Any 18-Plus, Any 14-Plus, Any 10-Plus.

If you are not returning to the halls next year, tell us using this Room Sign-Up site.

STEP 1.5 - Renew Your Bed - January 14-17

Renew your bed to hold your current bed space and room in the residence halls for next year using this link: Renew Your Bed

If you renew and change your mind, it's no problem. During your Search and Swap time, just go online during your assigned timeslot and look for a room and a hall you'd like better!

STEP 2  - Request a Roommate Week 
- January 20-24

Request a Roommate Week: To begin looking for a roommate, you must complete a personal profile, even if you know your roommate's name. When you know who your roommate will be, one student requests the intended roommate using the roommate's first name and PIN number and that student must go online and confirm the request. Tip: We encourage you to confirm a roommate before beginning to search or swap beds.

Use this link to go to the housing application site during Request a Roommate Week to request and confirm your roommate.

There are three ways to search for a roommate:

First name and PIN: If you already know the person you wish to live with, enter their first name and PIN in the search for a roommate page and select request. An email will be sent to your requested roommate, and they must confirm or deny the request.

Answers to profile questions: In the Search by Profile tool, check the boxes for the profile questions that match traits that you hope to find in a roommate. The more general you are while searching, the more likely you will be able to find a potential roommate.

Similar answers to profile questions: The database will automatically search for other students with the same answers to the profile questions as you. It will list potential roommates with a percent based on similarity.

Requesting/confirming a roommate does not place you together. You must complete step 3 to be in the same room.


STEP 3 - Search and Swap Beds/Room - Timeslot Assigned

Search and Swap Beds/Rooms is really simple. If you renewed your bed and you want a different room, then you'll swap (or trade). If you didn't renew your bed, then you'll search for a bed and/or room. (View the floor plans in advance to see what rooms may be available.) Regardless of Search or Swap, you have an assigned timeslot (we'll tell you when via BSU email) to go online, look around, and make your selection from January 27 - February 21.

To sign up for a different room, select a building, floor, room and bed. You will have three minutes to swap rooms. To reserve a room with a roommate, you and your roommate must be confirmed to hold a space in a different room. When you find a room with two spaces available you will assign a bed space for you and then you will assign your confirmed roommate to the other bed space. Once you have swapped your room, your original room becomes available for a different student to reserve.

If you don't find your first hall choice available, then sign up for a wait list. The waitlist will be available online until July 11. You may request up to three hall/room types.

STEP 4 - Your Contract - Until February 21

Review the details of your renewal process. Should any of the steps have a RED X, then you must complete that step before your contract is complete. If you do not complete them, then your contract will not be renewed and you will NOT have a space in the halls next year.

STEP 5 - Personal and Emergency Contact Details - Due by August 1

Please complete the available fields on this step. If you see changes that you cannot edit on this page, then you may make the update at my.bsu.edu.

This is required information that ALL students MUST complete each year before moving into the residence halls.

The deadline for submitting information online is 5 p.m., Friday, February 21. You may still request a contract after this date, but will not be able to select a hall, room, or bed space online. You may request a space in person at the Office of Housing and Residence Life, LaFollete Complex N-10, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, but requests submitted late will be processed on a first-come, first-served basis and the time slot date/time will not be followed. 

You can also find online tips and frequently asked questions about Room Sign-Up for returners.


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