Students living in the residence halls are encouraged to participate in our in-hall recycling program. When you throw away your trash from your room, separate the paper, plastic, glass, and metal items and pitch those items in the marked recycling box in your hall's trash room. The custodians will keep recycled items in separate bags, but will place these items with trash in the same trash bins outside the buildings, which is called commingled trash. Our contractor that hauls away all trash from the university will separate the commingled trash and recyclable items at its recycling center.

Also, help us conserve energy by following these suggestions from the Ball State Energy Action Team (BEAT):

  • Turn off lights when you leave your room
  • Use a powerstrip for your electrical needs
  • Unplug computers and televisions when not in use
  • Air dry clothes after washing
  • Replace incandescent light bulbs with compact fluorescent or LED lights, when possible
  • Turn off the air conditioning on nice days and open the window, if applicable

Learn more tips on conserving energy at the BEAT Web site and look for information about the energy challenge!