How do I submit a room repair request?

Click the link to submit a request. Next, a pop up box will come up and link you to the room repair web. (Note: If you have selected to disable the pop-up box on your browser, you will need to allow pop-ups for this application to work properly.) Next, you will complete the required fields. You will need to select the room number for the room that needs repair. If you don't see it, use the scroll down arrow to see more choices. Depending on the building you're in, some rooms may have the first initial of the hall name before the room number. (Example: Student room Baker 241 in Noyer Complex may appear in the drop dox as "B-241.") Make sure to enter your phone and e-mail address, as well as details about your room repair. These details will help us serve you better and faster. Click "submit" at the end of the fields to send your work order.