Going from high school, where you knew many people, to Ball State, where you may not know anyone, can be hard. Some students are shy and expect others to come to them. Some students act as if they don't need to make friends because they have lots of friends from high school. Some students want everyone to be their best friend.

None of these approaches is the best, so here are some effective strategies for meeting new people and forming relationships:

  • Introduce yourself to the other residents on your floor. You will be surprised how many other students do not know each other and are looking to make new friends.
  • Don't forget that classes are a great way to make friends. Joining a study group, quizzing each other, or meeting in the library or at Starbucks to study are great ways to get to know people.
  • Spend some time in the main lounge of your residence hall or other places where students hang out.
  • Check out Ball State's Student Organizations, Campus Life, or Recreation Services Web sites. You will be amazed by the number and types of clubs and organizations you can join.

If you are having a difficult time meeting new people, let your resident assistant (RA) know. RAs have lots of activities and interactions that you can join to get to know people.