If your family comes to visit, make them feel welcome! Here’s your chance, in person, to show them where you attend class, eat meals and do all your activities. Introduce them to your friends so your parents can see who you are spending your time with. Now is the time to share with your family what you experience every day. Have your family meet your Residence Hall Director or Assistant Resident Hall Director so they can put a face to the person who looks after your hall. 

Walk your family around campus, pointing out places where you and your friends did something fun. If you work out, take your family to the gym and briefly show them what you do when you work out. If you’ve worked on some projects you are proud of, talk about them with your family, pointing out what you did and how you did it.

Take your family to your favorite place on campus to eat. Use your Dining Plus to pay for their meal or a snack; they’ll like that you’re helping them save money! If your family is into sports you might suggest them coming on a weekend where you can all go to the home basketball or football game. If your family likes art, take them to the Ball State Art Museum to see the sculptures and paintings.

Try to experience school with your family while they are here so they feel involved in your school life during these few days. Don’t forget about your siblings! Try to incorporate something to do that will be fun for them as well. Maybe you can buy some Ball State clothing from the Ball State Bookstore to surprise them with when they get here. Enjoy the time with your family and bring them into your new and exciting school life!