Did you know that adults should average approximately eight hours of sleep every night? Being overtired can cause moodiness, loss of energy, stress, and anger. By not getting enough sleep, it becomes more difficult to concentrate and a person is more prone to illnesses. Lack of sleep can often cause student’s grades to drop because they are not able to pay attention or focus.

Here are some ways you can get good quality sleep night by night:

  • Put your body on a sleep schedule. Try to go to bed around the same time each night so when that time rolls around the following day it will be easier to fall asleep.
  •  Try not to study in your bed. You do not want to do any stress-related work in your bed because your bed is supposed to be related to a place of resting.
  • Don’t watch the clock! By watching the clock you may feel stressed because you’re worried about the amount of sleep you should be getting, so you start counting the hours as they pass. But by doing this you are causing your body to awaken by the stress and it will become difficult to fall asleep. Try turning your alarm away from you so you can still hear it in the morning but you don’t have to watch the time pass.
  • Find something that helps you relax so if you are not quite tired yet you can do this to help your body calm down and fall into a deep sleep. This may be taking a warm bath or shower, reading, listening to music, or listening to a fan. Pick your own soothing escape!
  • Make your bed as comfortable to you as possible.
  • Try to finish eating at least two hours before you climb into bed.
  • Working out in the middle of the afternoon can get your body into a good, healthy routine, while also releasing endorphins that can cause your body to relax. By working out early, your body has plenty of time to cool down. Avoid working out right before you would like to go to bed.

Sleeping goes hand-in-hand with time management! If you can manage your time wisely, your body will recognize the time that you would like to fall asleep every night and it will be easier to slip into a deep sleep when you need to. If you are experiencing symptoms of insomnia or are concerned about your lack of sleep you should visit the Health Center if you feel this problem is escalating or becoming troublesome.