Whatever the challenge may be -- roommate conflict, a loud neighbor, homesickness, or other issues -- solving a problem as a college student begins with assessing the situation and finding someone who can help you work it out.

Let's consider a roommate problem as an example. Here are some questions you may want to ask yourself:

  • "What specifically is bothering me?" Take a minute to assess the situation and decide what the main issues are.
  • "Have I talked to my roommate about this?" You should speak to your roommate first. One of the worst things you can do is to not be honest with your roommate about what is bothering you and let things build up. If you are uncomfortable speaking with your roommate, ask yourself, "Is there someone else I can talk to about this without being gossipy or petty?" You may want to talk with your resident assistant (RA). RAs are college students like you, and they are your resource for help.
  • "Should I make an appointment to speak to my hall director?" Hall directors have an office in your residence hall, and they are there to help! Hall directors aren't parents, but they know what being in college is all about and they know how to help you.

Many people at Ball State want to be helpful to you, but sometimes it's confusing to know who is the right person to help with a particular problem. If you're uncertain about where to go for assistance, give our office a call (dial 5-8000 or 765-285-8000) and explain your question, and we can give you the correct office or individual for your situation. Successful students use our resources!