What do you get when you combine people with different backgrounds, ideas, and talents? At Ball State University, it’s the Multicultural Center, a place where appreciating and promoting cultural diversity is our goal.

The “Multi,” as students call it, brings together students of different genders, races, and ethnicity to discuss social racial, and cultural issues. In addition, the center is a place to get assistance, hang out with friends, study, or hold meetings.

Since its founding in the early 1970s, the Special Programs house, as the center was once called, was Ball State University's response to the request of African-American students who wanted a place on campus that was staffed by people sensitive to their feelings of isolation and alienation.

And though our office has made changes over the years, our goal is still the same. We want to help prepare them for life by engaging them in intellectual discussions and giving them the resources needed to be successful in the workplace.

Part of that help is offering resources such as the staff to guide and counsel students. The facilities which includes a quiet library space for studying, a computer lab, a conference room for meeting, and a fully functional kitchen. In addition we coordinate and host the Excel Mentor Program and monthly programs to celebrate the university's cultural diversity.

As some of our students have said, the Multi becomes a home away from home.