Mud volleyball, midnight breakfasts, casino night…students enrolled in Ball State’s Honors College find time for way more than academics.

Sure, there are lots of challenging courses, in-depth classroom discussions, required reading, and group projects—students in Honors College wouldn’t have it any other way. But it all takes place in a close-knit community of supportive friends and faculty members who understand that fun and learning go hand in hand.

About 350 high-ability students enroll in Honors College each year. Freshmen live and study together in a common residence community, creating an intimate college setting that helps them quickly get settled on campus.

Instead of taking regular sections of core curriculum courses, students take special sections of these courses. The classes have fewer students, creating a more personal learning environment. Students get to know professors, professors get to know students, and everyone is encouraged to share thoughts and consider the opinions of others.

The experience culminates with a senior project, where students can push their creativity to the limit.

“Being in the Honors College has definitely helped my college experience,” says accounting major Bingbing Chu, '09. “I have learned to think differently and not be afraid to speak up in class. It made my transition to college life a lot easier.”

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