Meet me by the naked lady in Bracken Library—just south of Frog Baby—at 2 o'clock.

Uh . . . excuse me?

If you’re wondering what the heck Frog Baby is and why there’s a naked lady in our library, let us clarify to avoid any gross misinterpretations of the dress code:

Forest Idyll, a.k.a. “the naked lady,” is a beautiful bronze statue located in Bracken Library. Sculpted by Albin Polasek in 1930, it serves as a meeting spot and place to leave messages for friends. You may giggle now, but “naked lady” references will become second nature to you in no time. As will Frog Baby . . .

Frog Baby, a bronze sculpture of a chubby-cheeked little girl dangling two frogs by their feet as she smiles up at the sky, resided in the David Owsley Museum of Art at Ball State University for many years. Campus legend held that if you rubbed her nose, you’d have good luck on your next exam. Test-takers took that legend to heart and eventually rubbed the finish right off the cherub’s nose. In 1993, after a successful restoration, Frog Baby was placed in the middle of a fountain on the north side of Bracken Library for safekeeping. And now that she’s outside, students take good care of her. In the winter, you’ll often find her bundled up with a scarf and hat.