The Entrepreneurial Management major has been called one of the most intense majors on campus and may be the most distinctive in the country. We have designed our curriculum to be as close to the real world as possible, including the chance of failure. At the heart of the program is our capstone New Venture Creation course, also known as "senior sweat." At the end of your final semester, students face the ultimate challenge of their college career—E-day. You present a full business plan, which you developed over the past two years, to a panel of alumni and executives in downtown Indianapolis. What's at stake? Your graduation.

Are you looking for a challenge? Are you comfortable with risk? Do you want to be the best? Are you willing to put your graduation on the line? If so, we want you.

Core classes for the major begin the fall semester of the junior year, and it takes two full years to complete the major. You must complete MGT 241 before your junior year.

Required Courses (21 credit hours):

  • MGT 241     The Entrepreneurial Experience (taken freshman or sophomore year) 
  • MGT 341     Opportunity Identification
  • MGT 346     Product and Service Design
  • MGT 347     Business Model Generation 
  • MGT 441     Entrepreneurial Decision Making 
  • MGT 443     Venture Financing  
  • MGT 449     New Venture Creation 

 2 Courses from Electives (6 credit hours)

  • COMM 375   Presentational Communication
  • MGT 243      Dynamics of Family Business
  • MGT 244      Social Entrepreneurship
  • MGT 343      Venture Leadership
  • MGT 361      Managing Human Resources
  • MGT 369      Management Internship
  • MGT 409      Business Ethics 
  • TEDU 102    Design Techniques 
  • TMFG 161    Introduction to Manufacturing Industries 
  • TDPT 280     3D Prototyping
  • TMFG 495    Green Prototyping and Upcycling