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Senior year was crunch time for Shawnda Brodnex. As a Ball State entrepreneurship major, Brodnex had to take everything she had learned and put together a business plan that would work in the real world—and be approved by a panel of business professionals—or she wouldn’t graduate.

In the senior capstone New Venture Creation course, Brodnex worked with the faculty of our top-ranked entrepreneurship program and a mentor to develop her plan for a store specializing in plus-size secondhand clothing.

“Our system is built on creative problem solving: discovering a problem, creating a solution, and implementing,” says Larry Cox, associate professor and director of the Entrepreneurship Center. The entrepreneurship curriculum begins broadly by challenging students to start a business in one semester with just $20 and narrows over the semesters to a fully realized business plan.

Brodnex, who easily passed the course and graduated in 2007, is currently working at Sallie Mae. She looks forward to putting her business plan into action.