Each year, the Ball State University Foundation files a 990 Form with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). All charities are required to file this form annually, and we provide a copy of this form on our Web site.

For more detailed information about us, please refer to our annual report. Our latest 990 form, and those of the previous two years, can be accessed below. 

990 BSU Foundation, Inc. 63016 (PDF)
990 Cardinal Funds, Inc. 63016 (PDF)
990 Cardinal Properties, Inc. 63016 (PDF)

990 BSU Foundation, Inc. 63015 (PDF)
990 Cardinal Funds, Inc. 63015 (PDF)
990 Cardinal Properties, Inc. 63015 (PDF)

990 BSU Foundation, Inc. 63014 (PDF)
990 Cardinal Funds, Inc. 63014 (PDF)
990 Cardinal Properties, Inc. 63014 (PDF)