Gift of Life Insurance: a Perfect Fit for the Ervin Family

Mark Ervin's (BS '81, MA '85) contribution of time, talent, and financial support to Ball State has been impressive. 
A managing partner at Beasley & Gilkison LLP in Muncie, Ervin has been actively involved with the Alumni Association over the years as a former employee and a member of the Alumni Council, where he served as president in 2006. He is also a member of the Ball State University Foundation Board of Directors, the foundation's Philanthropy Advisory Council, and the university's National Philanthropy Council. Ervin received the university's Benny Award in 1990 and the Young Alumni Award in 1994.

With children to raise, Ervin, with the support of his wife, Molly, felt a gift of life insurance was a practical way to make a commitment at a point in their lives when they do not yet otherwise have the resources to make a major gift to the university.

"This type of gift offers a simple and attractive way to provide a substantial future benefit to the university at a low present cost," said Ervin.

A life insurance gift can be made by simply naming the foundation as a beneficiary. Tax benefits may include estate tax savings and a current income tax deduction for a donated policy and/or for gifts used to pay annual premiums.

Ervin was one of the recipients of a John R. and Aline B. Emens Scholarship in 1977, the inaugural year for the program. He is giving back to the same scholarship program, which was established to honor the former Ball State president and his wife, who made a strong commitment to recognize student leadership and develop student potential. The program recognizes outstanding student leaders and encourages recipients to continue to develop their leadership skills.

"I have witnessed the impact of this scholarship from both sides—as a student then and now while serving on the scholarship selection committee," said Ervin. "I know these students give as much back to the Ball State community as they get from being a part of this institution."

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