Who We Are

Discovery is a women's collaborative philanthropic group established to support projects and programs at Ball State University.  Discovery members are volunteers who pool annual contributions and work with university administrators to select the projects they support.


  • connects our members to Ball State University
  • inspires women to become leaders in philanthropy  
  • provides financial support for innovative Ball State programs


Discovery is an organization formed to demonstrate the vital role women can play in making a difference through informed philanthropy. It was established to support projects and programs at Ball State University. Unofficially, a small group of women began meeting regularly in Indianapolis in 1998 to learn about special educational programs at Ball State University. In the spring of 2001, a planning committee of six began researching women's philanthropy organizations around the United States that support programs like those at BSU. The research yielded information and contacts that helped form the basis for a woman's giving organization for the University. Once the plans were aligned with some of the University's most important long-range goals, Discovery was ready to go public in January 2002.

Join Discovery

For more information, please contact Lola Mauer at 765-285-2869 or lrmauer@bsu.edu


1. Click here bsu.edu/give

2. Next to “Designation” click the down arrow and select “Special Funds and Projects” 

3. In the line below, it comes up “Discovery (Women's Leadership Giving).”  

4. Enter gift  in the “Amount” box directly to the right of Discover. (Not the top amount box-- it goes to the Ball State Fund). 

5. Your screen should look like this:

6. After entering My Information and My Payment Information, the review screen will show the gift going to the Discovery Fund. Your initial gift confirmation will thank you for your gift to Ball State because our fund is within the BSU Foundation. 100% of your gift goes to Discovery Fund. 

7. Thank you!