Discovery Awards

2015 - $73,214 (total)

  • Teachers College - High Riding Art, Science, and Equestrian Camp   $20,000
  • Northeast Indiana Area Health Education Center, Building Better Communities - Ball State Collegiate Health Service Corps   $19,992
  • Teachers College - Schools Within the Context of Community   $17,100
  • College of Sciences and Humanities - Pathways to Scientific Teaching:  Improving STEM Education Through Graduate Training in Science Education   $16,122

2014 - $63,746 (total)

  • College of Sciences and Humanities: RiverPACE - A Nationwide Riverine Pharmaceutical Assessment, Collection, and Education Project   $19,972
  • Communication, Information & Media: Student Media Research and Analytic's Agency  $13,500
  • College of Sciences and Humanities:  Paradise, Playground or Wood Pulp - Indiana State Forests in Crises   $20,000
  • College of Applied Sciences & Technology: Summer Infant Toddler Program Training and Courses Based at the Child Study Center  $10,274


  • College of Sciences & Humanities: Publishing +BSU Students   $15,398
  • College of Sciences & Humanities: Teaching Elementary and Middle School Science Using Interactive Digital   $20,000
  • College of Fine Arts:  Discovery New Musical Theatre Festival   $19,383


  • College of Sciences & Humanities/Teachers College, Making Algebra Add Up $15,749
    College of Fine Arts, Musica in Situ $16,443


  • Teachers College, Schools Within the Context of Community $17,580
  • College of Fine Arts, The Circus in Winter $25,000
  • College of Fine Arts, Inspired By Glass - An immersive community outreach & opportunity for glass and art education students $23,245


  • College of Applied Sciences and Technology, Department of Family and Consumer Science, Smart Dressing: Learning Lessons from the Past to Make Wise Decisions in the Future    $18,896
  • College of Fine Arts, Department of Theatre and Dance, Ball State Downtown Dinner Theatre   $25,000
  • College of Architecture and Planning, Institute for Digital Fabrication, Re-Using Waste in Industry    $24,200


  • College of Sciences and Humanities, Department of Geography, High-Altitude Atmospheric Balloon Launch   $14,200
  • College of Sciences and Humanities, Department of Chemistry, The Future of Biochemistry Education at Ball State   $17,432
  • Career Center, Professional Experience Exploration Program   $10,000
  • College of Sciences and Humanities, Department of Sociology and History, Adolescent Well-Being in Muncie, Indiana: An Analysis of the Effect of Neighborhood and Community  $18,735


  • College of Communication, Information and Media, Stories Along the Indiana National Road   $15,629
  • College of Sciences and Humanities, Development of an Immersive Student Experience in Homeland Security Science  $16,133
  • College of Sciences and Humanities, Establishing Long-Term Immersive Experiences in Aquatic Biology  $24,080


  • College of Fine Arts Rapid Prototyping Equipment    $24,900
  • College of Fine Arts Theatre Showcase Program   $25,000
  • College of Sciences and Humanities Digital Forensics   $23,254
  • Miller College of Business Business Assistants Program   $24,450


  • School of Extended Education, Bachelor of General Studies Fast-Track Initiative   $32,500
  • College of Sciences and Humanities, The Next Wave of Biotech at Ball State    $35,000


  • Department of Telecommunications, NewsLink Indiana: Interactive Television Design  $25,000
  • Graduate School, New Directions in Graduate Education: A Think Tank Model 1   $19,500
  • The Center of Gifted Studies and Talent Development Project GIFT: Getting Instruction to Foster Talent  $24,920
  • Student Life Student Leadership Action Team  $19,080 


  • College of Architecture & Planning, Miller College of Business, College of Applied Sciences & Technology:  Cardinal Health - Health by Design: Alternative Health Care Futures (2 years)   $35,000
  • Communication, Information and Media: Indiana Outdoors  $15,160
  • College of Sciences & Humanities: Undergraduate Research Program $25,380


  • Miller College of Business Advanced Professional Certification   $8,000
  • Department of Biology Biotechnology Certification Program   $30,000
  • College of Sciences and Humanities & Teachers College Urban Experience Program  $42,000