Charles Pollock (1902-1988) produced a highly distinguished but little-known body of abstract paintings between 1950 and 1984, following an earlier career which had lasted for about eighteen years, when he was a Social Realist painter strongly influenced by his teacher Thomas Hart Benton. Ten years older than his brother Jackson, Charles Pollock was the trail-blazer in an unusual American family notable for its intense cultural aspirations. This monographic study of Charles Pollock's art and life, The Art of Charles Pollock, Sweet Reason, is published to celebrate the centenary of his birth, and to coincide with an exhibition of his work at the David Owsley Museum of Art in Muncie, Indiana. The book, written by Terence Maloon, includes a major essay about Charles Pollock's abstract paintings and two illustrated appendices concerned with (I) Charles Pollock and Thomas Hart Benton and (II) Charles Pollock's involvements during the Depression. There is an eighty-page colour-plate section. A definitive and extensive illustrated chronology has been compiled, enriched with photographs and illuminating extracts from Charles Pollock's correspondence and personal notes.

239 pages

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