David Owsley Museum of Art

Renaissance Art (about 1400-1600 CE)

The Renaissance witnessed a shift from the medieval focus on the next world to a new focus on this one. Artists and patrons of the era turned to the ancient world and its culture for inspiration in subject and form, signifying the "rebirth" (in French, renaissance) that gave the era its name.

Although portraiture and new subjects from antiquity appear in painting and sculpture of this era, religious themes remain prominent. Artists depict all subjects with an increasing naturalism that focuses on people and material objects and that helps to bring about the innovation of mathematical perspective.

The David Owsley Museum of Art's collection includes works by Giovanni Bellini and workshop, Hans Holbein the Younger and studio, Bernardino Luini, Domenico Puligo, and Marten de Vos, exhibited in the West Gallery. The David T. Owsley collection of portrait and commemorative medals is installed in the foyer of the Ancient and Asian Gallery.