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Self-portrait—Walking, Drinking,
Eating, and Sitting
, 2006
Hye Yeon Nam
Single-channel videos
Lent by the artist

Hye Yeon Nam’s Self-Portrait reminds us that there is no expectation of objectivity in self-portraiture. Rather, this is how the artist perceives herself. Hye Yeon Nam’s four-part video Self-Portrait—Walking, Drinking, Eating, and Sitting—transforms normal activities into sites of confusion. As a Korean immigrant, she shows every-day endeavors which she is persistent in accomplishing even though she has given herself humorous but difficult impediments. The portraits address feelings of awkwardness in places where “fitting in” seems so important and requires consistent self-negotiation with what she perceives others expect of her.

Exhibition Date: April 2012 - June 2012

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