David Owsley Museum of Art

For Educators

Leaving the Port of Le Havre,
1883 Eugene-Louis Boudin Frank C. Ball Collection,
partial gift and gift of the Ball Brothers Foundation

With approximately 1,000 works of art on display and 10,000 works total in the collection, the David Owsley Museum of Art offers a rich resource that can enhance a variety of class subjects.

Because of the collection's breadth-with a concentration on European and American art and representations of most major world cultures-the museum can provide a variety of tours for school and university classes.

What Do We Do When We Get There?

A typical museum visit provides students with an in-depth analytical discussion inspired by works of art in the collection. Using a teaching technique developed at the Museum of Modern Art in New York called Visual Thinking Strategies, museum staff and trained student volunteers lead discussions using the topic of your class as a catalyst.

Designed for beginner and novice viewers, these discussions focus on what can be discerned in the work of art and how it illuminates the class topic. This technique also enhances critical thinking skills.