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Rebecca Vaughn Joins Museum Staff as Registrar and Collection Manager


     This summer the David Owsley Museum of Art welcomed Rebecca Vaughn to the professional staff. On July 1, she became the museum’s first Registrar and Collection Manager, an essential position focused on caring for works of art and organizing the knowledge accumulated about them. At DOMA, Rebecca will have a central role in all exhibition and permanent collection projects. She ensures the safety and preservation of works of art while they are on display, in storage, and in transit to and from the museum. She is also responsible for maintaining research about each workof art and making information accessible to scholars, students, and members of the public with general inquiries. 

     Rebecca brings a rich educational background and museum experience to the position. She has a bachelor’s degree in art history and two master’s degrees, one in historical administration from Eastern Illinois University, and another in African studies from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. She also holds a graduate certificate in Library and Information Science Special Collections from the University of Illinois. She has worked at Eastern Illinois University’s Booth Library; the Spurlock Museum and the Center for African Studies both at the University of Illinois; the Doris Hoskins Archive for Cultural Diversity in Mahomet, Illinois; and most recently at the Monroe County History Center in Bloomington, Indiana. 

     Rebecca likes adventure and has created many opportunities for herself to travel and study abroad. As an undergraduate she studied art history in Greece and Italy. Last year she returned to Italy and journeyed the entire country, from Milan to the island of Sicily. She moved to Muncie with her fiancé Keith Taylor, who has a PhD in human and community development. They were married in early September and are enjoying biking and gardening. 

     DOMA attracted Rebecca because she was looking for a position at a university museum with a strong emphasis on serving students as well as the community. “I am thrilled to be at the David Owsley Museum of Art,” she says.  “Joining the ranks with my talented colleagues has been most fulfilling. I intend to build on the numerous contributions they and the community of supporters have made in ensuring the success and legacy of DOMA, a true gem amongst its local and international peer institutions.” She adds that increasing access to the collection through the new object study gallery on the museum’s upper floor is among her priorities. She also points to the museum’s recent exhibitions, Fractured Narratives: A Strategy to Engage and Listening Across Generations: Fractured Narratives Youth Collaboration, and hopes to continue similar projects that expand on the museum’s engagement with the community through its exhibition program. – CS

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