The following University-specific training videos have been created regarding Egencia:

Using Banner Travel With Egencia (6:11)

Establishing/Updating Your Egencia Profile (4:25)

Booking in Egencia - Flights (10:43)

Booking in Egencia - Hotels (11:03)

Please note that you can always right-click on the files above and save them locally for viewing, as well.

Getting Started

Egencia is available on the portal.  All travelers should have an approved, itemized Travel Authorization in the Banner Travel & Expense Management module prior to booking in Egencia.

The three-page Egencia Quick Start Guide is a quick and easy way for travelers and travel arrangers to become acclimated to the site.  Information includes profile setup, booking procedures, and support questions.

Egencia Mobile App

The Egencia mobile Getting Started Guide details how to set up passwords for the mobile app and how to download the app.  Note that the password for the mobile app can be different than a traveler's Single Sign-On (SSO) password.

As of September 18, 2017, the username for the mobile application will be your e-mail address instead of your Ball State username. Travelers would still log in to the Egencia website using Single Sign-On credentials, though, from

Egencia Tips

Egencia has provided a list of travel tips to ensure travelers are maximizing usage of the site.

Egencia Arrangers

Arrangers can book travel for a University employee or student.  The traveler must be listed under the arranger's profile in Egencia in order to do this, though.  

If an arranger needs to book travel for someone not listed under 'My Travelers' in the arranger's profile, the arranger should complete the appropriate HelpDesk ticket in order to have the traveler added.  The appropriate HelpDesk procedures are here. Note that arrangers will receive Egencia purchase notifications for their travelers.