Article I:  Name

The name of this organization shall be the Ball State University College of Architecture and Planning Alumni Society, herein referred to as the Alumni Society.  The Alumni Society shall be a division of the Ball State University Alumni Association.

Article II:  Goal and Objectives

The goal of the Alumni Society shall be to support the programs of the College of Architecture and Planning, and to stimulate interest in the educational, professional, and social activities of the College's alumni, individually ad collectively by:

1.   Establishing Alumni Society programs and events that will carry out the goals of the Society.

2.   Developing a wide-spread program of networking among members of the Alumni Society and the faculty and students of the college, based upon the identification of special interests and/or geographic considerations.

3.   Taking joint action with the College when and where needed for the advancement of the environmental design and planning professions, and for the strengthening of educational offerings and services of the College.

4.   Working for the recognition and visibility of the College and its alumni.

5.   Encouraging high professional and educational standards for the College.

6.   Serving as an auxiliary arm of the College in:

6.1    Providing input from the environmental design and planning professions on desirable professional attributes of the College's graduates, and recommending courses of action that would help achieve that objective;

6.2    Being involved in the promotion of programs for, and recruitment of students for the College when needed;

6.3    Serving as a sounding board and advisory panel on College concerns when consulted.

Article III:  Membership

Section 1.  Membership.  Members of the Alumni Society shall be all alumni of the College, former students who were enrolled in programs of the College, and the current faculty of the College.

Section 2.  Active Membership.   Active Members shall be those who make an annual gift to the Ball State University Foundation.

Section 3.  Associate Membership.  Associate members of the Alumni Society shall be those so recommended and approved by the Board of Directors (identified in Article IV).

Article IV: Board of Directors

Section 1.  Membership.  The Alumni Society is to be governed by a Board membership consisting of:

1.1    Twelve (12) at-large members, who are Active Members of the Alumni Society

1.2    The Dean of the College

1.3    The Associate Dean of the College

1.4    One faculty member of the College

1.5    A member of the Ball State University Alumni Engagement staff

Section 2.  Officers.  The Board shall elect from among its 12 at-large alumni members a president, a vice president, and a representative to the Ball State University Alumni Council.  The Ball State University Alumni Engagement staff member shall serve as secretary-treasurer.

Section 3.  Powers, Procedures, and Responsibilities.  Authority of the Alumni Society shall be vested in the Board of Directors, which in all matters shall serve in an advisory capacity to the College of Architecture and Planning.  It is empowered to perform all duties and responsibilities which are consistent with this Constitution to promote the purposes of the Alumni Society.  This governing body shall establish such committees and offices, and appoint such officers as may be found expedient; and have the power to interpret and change all provisions of the Constitution and Bylaws of the Alumni Society.

Article V:  Meetings

Section 1.  Annual Meeting of the Alumni Society.  There shall be an annual meeting, scheduled by the Board.  The Board action (except routine business) shall be briefly reported at the annual meeting.  The President shall make an annual report and provide for such other reports as he/she deems necessary.

Section 2.  General Meetings of the Alumni Society Board of Directors.  General meetings of the Board, other than the annual meeting, shall be called at the discretion of the officers of the Board.

Article VI:  Bylaws

The Board of Directors will establish bylaws necessary for administering the Alumni Society in accordance with this Constitution.

Article VII:  Constitutional Amendments

This Constitution may be amended at any meeting of the Alumni Society Board of Directors according to procedures set forth in the bylaws.

Article 1: Board of Directors and Officers

Section 1.  Eligibility. 

The Board of Directors is provided for in Article IV of the Constitution.  Only active members of the Alumni Society may serve as members of the Board.

Section 2.  Terms of Office

a.   Alumni Members

      All alumni members of the Board shall be elected to serve a three-year term commencing January 1 in their first year and concluding on December 31 of their third year.  Terms will be staggered so that no more than one-third (1/3) of the members of Board will be elected in a given year.  In the final year of the (initial) term, members may be invited to accept additional terms.

b.   Faculty Member.

      The faculty member of the Board will be appointed by the Dean to serve as a voting member, commencing January 1 of his/her first year and concluding December 31 his/her third year.  The faculty member may be invited to serve additional terms by the dean.

c.   Ex-Officio Members. 

      The Dean, Associate Dean, and representative of the Ball State University Alumni Engagement staff are ex-officio voting members, and shall serve unlimited terms.  The representative of the Ball State University Alumni Engagement staff shall be appointed by the Executive Director of Ball State University Alumni Engagement in consultation with the Dean.

Section 3.  Nomination and Election of Alumni Board Members.

       All alumni members of the Board shall be elected by a simple majority vote of members of the Board of Directors.  Members missing three consecutive meetings will be asked to vacate their position.

Section 4.  Election of the President and Vice President.

      The President and Vice President will serve two year terms.  The Vice President is the President-elect.  The Vice President shall be elected biennially by the membership of the Board from within the membership of the Board.  The election shall take place at the regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.

Section 5.  Election of the Society's Representative to the Ball State University Alumni Council.

      One member of the Board shall be elected by the membership of the Board to serve a maximum three (3) year term on the Alumni Council, effective January 1.  Should the Representative's term on the Board not coincide with the three (3) year term on the Council, the Representative may serve a one or two year term on the Council.

Section 6.  Vacancies of Board Members and/or Officers.

      In the event that a vacancy shall occur on the Board of Directors, the President, in consultation with the Dean, shall be empowered to appoint a replacement to fill the position for the balance of the elected term.

Section 7.  Duties of the President.

      The President shall perform the duties normally associated with the office and shall be responsible for general supervision of the activities and records of the Alumni Society.  The President shall call all meetings of the Board as deemed necessary to carry out the business of the Alumni Society.  The President shall appoint standing and ad hoc committees as deemed necessary to serve the Alumni Society.

Section 8.  Duties of the Vice President.

      The Vice President shall preside in the absence of the President and shall succeed to the presidency in the event the President is unable to serve.  The Vice President shall perform other duties as assigned by the President.

Section 9.  Duties of the Ball State University Alumni Council Representative. 

      The Alumni Council Representative shall attend the University Alumni Council quarterly meetings and report to the Council matters of interest concerning the College's Alumni Society.  The Representatives shall share with the Board matters of interest from the quarterly Alumni Council meeting.

Section 10.  Duties of the Secretary-Treasurer. 

      The Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for recording and keeping minutes of all meetings, for correspondence pertaining to the duties of the office, for authorizing expenditures and keeping necessary financial records, for coordinating activities with the Alumni Association, and for submitting reports to the Board.

Section 11.  Duties of At-Large Members.

      At-large members of the Board shall perform such duties as are assigned by the President.

Article II:  Committees

Establishment of Committees

      Committees may be established by the Board.  The chair of each committee shall be a member of the Board appointed by the President.

Article III:  Amendments

Section 1.  Amendments to the Constitution. 

      The constitution may be amended at any meeting of the Board of Directors by a majority vote of the members present.

Section 2.  Amendments to the Bylaws.

      These Bylaws may be amended by a simple majority of the members of the Board at a regularly scheduled meeting of the Board.

Approved by the Governing Board 11/30/94

Revised – 12/14/07